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Licence conditions

 Power of revocation

1) Right of withdrawal (consumers only, German Civil Law Statue para.§13)

The customer can revocate the contract within one montn in written form (e.g. letter, fax, e-mail) or by sending the product back without giving reasons. The term starts at the earliest on receiving this instruction. To ensure the cancellation period it is sufficient to send back the cancellation or the product in time. The cancellation is to be sent to:

Name/compana: clipartload®, holder Oliver Dammig

Address: Kreuzleinstr. 28, 97318 Kitzingen

e-mail address: widerruf@clipartload.com

2) Cancellation consequences

Both sides have to refund received and resulting benefits (e.g. interest) in case of an effective cancellation. In case the customer cannot refund the received benefit completely or refunds it in a declined conditon, he has to pay compensation to the value. This does not apply if the product decline is based on the testing of the appropriate product, as is possible in a shop. The customer can avoid the compensation by treating the product in a proper way and refrains from anything which could damage it. Transportable (packet) products have to be sent back. The customer has to pay for the reshipment if the order value is up to 40 ¤ and if the deliverd products are the ordered products. In any other case reshipment is exempt from charges. Non-transportable products will be picked up from the customer.

3) Special notes

The power of revocation expires ahead of time if the contract partner of the customer starts performing the service before end of cancellation period in agreement with the customer or if the customer has triggered it (e.g. by download etc.)

5) The right of withdrawal does not exist on contracts concerning delivery of audio- or videorecording or software when the delivered data media seal has been broken by the user.


Licence conditions


This licence contract is a legal contract between clipartload and the original user of these online services and CD products from clipartload®. The licence is exclusive and cannot be carried over to a third party. Through one time use of the service provided by clipartload® products (for instance downloading of information or broken seals on a packet) you accept the terms and conditions of this contract as binding.

2.Licence conditions

The data on these pages are protected through international contracts and copyright laws for computer software. This software contains a user licence for the exclusive use of the aforementioned by the original buyer on one single computer. The purchaser is not allowed to change this product, to expand it or to transfer it using whatever medium when this is not specifically allowed in the licence conditions. The licence holder may not, without the written permission of the licenser, licence the product, pass the product on or make the product available to a third party. Clipartload® will grant the right for a ssecurity copy of the data to be made. It is not permitted, a part, or the whole of the software to be modified, to be changed or to be expanded. A contained documentation may neither be copied nor changed into computer data, that it to say, permision to do this can only be given through written confirmation from the licenser. Should you wish to use this service in a network please contact clipartload® for multi-user licence.

3. Termination of right of use

This licence is valid until it is terminated. This licence ends automatically without written notification from the licencer when one or more of the licence conditions are broken. In such a case the licence holder must detroy all copies of the software including the security copy.

4. Warranty, liability, limitation of liability

In the case of physical damage to the medium with which the clipartload® software is delivered clipartload is bound to exchange the medium. Precondition of this is however that the damaged product with the bill of receipt is sent to clipartload® within 24 months of the purchase date. The software is sold "as is" without any warranty (stressed and explicit). Clipartload® denies any warranty for the use of software for a specific purpose. Furthmore clipartload® gives no warranty with reference to the use or the result of the use of the software and acompanying printout in reference to exactness, reliability, actuality etc.

The risk of use of the software lies alone with the licence holder. Neither clipartload® nor other persons involved in the development, production or delivery of this product can be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage resulting from use or coincidental use (including damages for lost profit, business breakdown or loss of information).

5. Declaration of consent

In the case of first use of this product the licence holder expresses agreement with the licence conditions. Should you have any questins concerning this licence agreement or licence extension please do not hesitate to call us or write to us.









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